About us

Tusal Artisan Nuts is based in Lleida, a town in the north east of the Catalonian region of Spain. Lleida’s almonds have a strong heritage of providing the highest quality, nutritious, delicious almonds. The business was established in 1985, but it wasn’t until the beginning of 2000 that the Tusal family decided to take their long established business one step further and market their almonds directly to consumers.

We have distributors of Tusal Almonds in every major city of Spain, as well as the UK, Ireland, Portugal, Germany, Sweden, Riga (for the Baltics) and the USA. At Tusal Almonds we work every day with enthusiasm and professionalism towards our main goal: to be internationally recognised as a symbol of quality and have our products enjoyed by many people around the world.

Our Almond Collection includes: caramelised almonds, sugared almonds, caramelised with Coffee, Toasted almonds roasted in their skin, Toasted & Salted Almonds (without the skin) and Toasted & Sugared marcona almonds. All prepared with care, passion and quality assured every time. We believe that eating is one of the great opportunities in life for pleasure and that our almonds should reflect this.

Our mission statement: We are committed to providing consistent quality, efficient handling and responsible customer service.

So how do we achieve this?

  • Our almonds are naturally grown, and processed using traditional methods and fresh natural ingredients to capture the authentic taste of a recipe that has been kept in the family for many years.
  • Almonds from the region of Lleida (well known for their excellence)
  • We take great care from the initial phase of production till the product reaches the consumer.
  • We are constantly looking for new ideas in order to better our products and at the same time to satisfy market needs.